The educational project DARYA is being successfully implemented in Turkmenistan

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The “Dialogue and Action for Resourceful Youth in Central Asia (DARYA)” project is an example of successful cooperation between Turkmenistan and the EU in the field of education.

According to the publication "Turkmenistan: Golden Age", this is the first regional project of the European Union aimed at supporting youth in Central Asia through measures that promote inclusion and the development of skills in the labor market.

The project, designed for 5 years, was launched last year and is implemented by the European Education Foundation.

Among the project partners in Turkmenistan is the Innovation Information Center (IIC) of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan.

In March of this year, a meeting was organized between employees of the IIC and the National Institute of Education of Turkmenistan with representatives of the European Education Foundation (ETF). During the meeting, activities related to the implementation of the DARYA project were discussed. In June, the director of the IIC, Ch. Hanmuhammedov, took part in a seminar on supporting the digital skills of teachers and students, held in Italy, where he became familiar with the best international methods and practices of teaching using digital technologies.

On September 19, Turkmen partners in the DARYA project, including IRC employees, took part in another webinar to explore the possibility of creating a regional qualifications framework. The purpose of the event is to get acquainted with the first results of the DARYA project research on regional cooperation in the field of qualifications in Central Asia.

The meeting participants were presented with data on current processes in the Central Asian region related to skills and qualifications (economy and trade, strategic drivers, labor migration and educational mobility), as well as existing examples of regional and international cooperation in the field of qualifications. The target audience of the event was practitioners from the ministries of labor, education, government agencies for qualifications and professional skills, employers' organizations, industry and professional organizations, educational institutions, and trade unions.

From October 30 to November 1, a meeting will be held in Astana as part of the DARYA project to study Module 3 “Inclusive Education and Training”. IRC specialists were also invited to participate in the event, the source notes.

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