General secondary education

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Organization and operation activities of all types of state general education institutions (hereinafter referred to as secondary schools) that are part of the state system of continuous education in Turkmenistan and implement the single national program of general secondary education and ensure children's education based on the principles of the state policy in the field of education. 

The main tasks of the secondary schools are:

  • to guarantee access to education regardless of nationality, skin color, gender, origin, property status, occupation, place of residence, language, religion, political opinions and other status, as well as age and health status;
  • to ensure the realization of the program instructions of the President of Turkmenistan to improve the quality and content of work in educational establishments;
  • educate students in in a civilized manner and moral qualities, organization of educational activities in strict harmony with the national educational traditions and spiritual values of the Turkmen people, modern methods and types of education;
  • to bring up the students  with the noble ideas about patriotism, independence and neutrality of Turkmenistan with feelings of loyalty to their people, Motherland and the President of Turkmenistan;
  • to organize the educational work based on the achievements of modern advanced world pedagogical science and methodology using the best examples of the national traditions of the Turkmen people;
  • to help students to exercise their right to freely express their ideas and opinions;
  • to form the students' general and professional culture corresponding to the world level;
  • to train the pupils for continuing education in secondary and higher professional educational institutions of Turkmenistan and foreign countries;
  • to identify the naturally gifted and more capable pupils by holding various competitions, reviews and competitions among pupils;
  • to teach pupils basic professional skills and guide them towards a career.